PureJojo was created by Jojo Hua in 2018.  In the pursuit of a flawless complexion, Jojo was trying all manner of different lotions and potions on her face since her teenage years.  In 2015, after slathering on one too many creams at the airport Duty Free section, she developed a severe contact allergy to fragrance and perfumes.

Not wanting to give up her dreams of having perfect skin, she decided to do some research into why she became allergic.  What she found was that fragrances and perfumes applied onto the skin, actually aggravates and instead of doing any good, it is actually detrimental to the health of your skin.

Armed with this information, Jojo realised she needed to improve the quality of the products she was using on her body, from makeup to facial skincare to body care products.  She decided to go completely fragrance-free and started to hunt down products that matched this criteria.

Not only that, but she became more aware of the individual ingredients contained within each cosmetic product.  Cosmetics and beauty companies tend to include some form of synthetic fragrance into their products not only to make them smell nicer, but also to make them seem more luxurious and expensive than they really are.  They are really not a necessary ingredient in skincare.  Out of frustration, she has put that energy into sourcing the very best fragrance-free products on the market that she actually personally uses, and created PureJojo as a place to house them all.

Happy Shopping, my Natural Beauties!

Love, Jojo x

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